Exchange and Return Policies


Exchange Policy:

Trade-in policy for cores :

Core charge will be fully credited, according to the following conditions :

  • The core should be returned within thirty (30) days of the billing date, if not we reserve the right to reduce the credit by 25% for each additional period of fourteen (14) days of delay.
  • Cores received should be the same model as the one purchased. If another core model than the one purchased is returned, we will reduce from your credit, the allowed amount for the core and it will be adjusted according to the market value, regardless the amount indicated as a trade-in value in our catalogue.
  • There should be no missing parts (bolts, cylinders, etc.).
  • No modification made (stock condition).
  • Core in perfect condition for rebuilding (no damage, crack or welding). Complete standard old core.
  • Appropriate packing necessary for return without any damage.

Additional charges for core engine :

Umatek may apply additional charges for the engine core when there is damage to aluminum parts. Typically, this happens when a rod breaks and it causes a crack or a hole in the housing. Additional costs will depend on the size and locations of the breakage. The core should be checked and inspected for the presence of damage before returning to Umatek.

**Claim form for core return memo has to be included with shipment for complete credit **

Available in the "Forms" section above.


Freight :

There are two options available for the shipping of your engine parts to be remanufactured at Umatek :

  • You ship your parts “prepaid” with the carrier of your choice to Umatek.


  • You can take advantage of our reduced rates by shipping your merchandise by regular “charge to collect” ground transport. You will then be charged for the costs along with the remanufactured parts. The targeted carriers are Dicom, UPS, Fedex (economy) or Purolator.



  • Packages must not exceed 110 pounds. If the weight is over 110 pounds, the products will be palletized. The customer will then be obliged to recontact Umatek by telephone so that a truck can be sent to his home.
  • Also note that trucks do not pick up in residential areas.
  • Inside the package, there must be a memo with the name, postal address and telephone number of the expeditor.



Return of merchandise Policy:

  • Electric parts and bearings cannot be returned
  • Special orders cannot be returned
  • Parts manufactured by Umatek have to be returned to the company within thirty (30) days from the shipping date. A return fee of 15% will be applied on authorized returns
  • All the returned goods must have been previously authorized by our staff. You may contact the person whose name appears on our shipping document or invoice
  • A merchandise return authorization number (RMA) will be assigned. This MRA number must appear on your shipping documents
  • Parts must be returned in their original packaging in good condition 
  • Goods must be returned by the same carrier used for our expedition and appropriate packing is necessary and has to be done
  • Freight charge for the return of goods will be bear by the customer unless there is an otherwise authorized by Umatek
  • Failure to comply with this procedure may lead to additional
    costs. Any additional discounts from the prices displayed are only for authorized dealers.




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