About Us


Umatek is internationally known as a specialized manufacturer, in refurbishing engines and motor parts for distribution within the powersports market.

Our company always adapted through time with market growth, client’s demand, changes of ownership, and technological breakthrough, all in a span of more than 55 years.

Umatek is willing to support, recommend and maintain a large inventory of remanufactured engines and new related parts to answer the needs of our dealers and distributors.


Our History

Umatek started as a small garage located in Notre-Dame Street in Thetford Mines. The founder, Mr. Adrien Bernard, worked diligently with 5 employees. He had a modest start, but then, his business grew thanks to his determination and his love for mechanics. He shared his passion with his 4 sons, which allowed him to make “Atelier Adrien Bernard” a family business.

Later on, the new family ownership sold the firm to CVTech Group Inc. The new owners wanted to keep the essence of the business, so they decided to add AAB to CVTech as a reminder of the origins of the company, but also in honor of the perseverance and work of the founder, Mr. Adrien Bernard.

Nowadays, Umatek has been able to adapt to the changes and grew up from a repair shop to a big factory specializing in reconditioning engines for recreational vehicles.

The company currently has a team of a 100 of passionate which replant your snowmobile, ATV, motocross and even your boat cylinders. Machining of engine blocks and engine heads is also offered as well as crankshaft repair for the same vehicles.

Umatek is the engine expert of the North of America and wants in the future years, to expand, thanks to its customers in Finland and Europe.


Umatek’s Evolution

1966 : Foundation of Atelier Adrien Bernard Inc. by M. Adrien Bernard in Thetford Mines, Québec.

1988 : Development of the company in watercraft sector.

1991 : Mr. Bernard's 4 sons decided to buy the company. At that time, they were a team of 16 employees.

1995 : Implementation of Nikasil coating for cylinders who’s the unique process is called Nika-Tech. It was the first Canadian company to produce the coating with this technology.

1998 : The family company received the honors by the National Bank and won the L’auréat Gold reward of the region Chaudière-Appalaches at the contest SME. That same year, they won the Bilzz'Or award from the Federation of Quebec Snowmobilers as the Manufacturing Company of the Year.

2003 : Atelier Adrien Bernard extended his market in western of Canada.

2006 : CVTech Group Inc. well-known as continuously variable transmission (CVT) manufacturer, bought Atelier Adrien Bernard, which is now known as CVTech-AAB.

2008 : CVTech Group Inc invested more than $ 3.5 million for the construction of a new factory for its subsidiary CVTech-AAB in Thetford Mines.

2010 : Opening of a distribution center in Wisconsin, USA.

2012 : CVTech Group Inc. (NAPEC today) sold its vehicle division (CVTech-AAB, CVTech-IBC and CVTech-R&D) to Mr Christian Mercier and Mr Alain Charest

2013 : CVTech-AAB acquired Marine Medics, one of the largest companies specializing in rebuilding and repairing outboard motors in Canada.

2014 : CVTech Inc. received a bronze award from the National Bank in the SME category (from 10 to 50 million dollars in sales) of the region of Central Quebec.

2016 : CVTech-AAB celebrated its 50 years of existence.

2019 : Mr Christian Mercier bought the CVTech-AAB division in Thetford Mines, Quebec.

2022 : CVTech-AAB change its name to become Umatek.


Mission and Values

Our mission, as expert, is to provide peace of mind to the recreational vehicle owners through the reliability of our engines and remanufactured parts.

In addition, we want to improve their driving experiences with the best reconditioning of engine parts as the largest manufacturers guaranteeing ultimate performance and endurance.

In order to offer you the best of ourselves, our mission is based on continuous research for innovation and exciting growth for our team and partners.



At Umatek, it is essential to treat our customers, partners and colleagues with respect and consideration. We listen to their needs and expectations.

Furthermore, we involve them in the decision making. All of our employees carefully act with courtesy and discretion in the exercise of their duties. The reliability of our work is also based on this respectful approach, in order to honor our commitments.


The staff acts to improve their efficiency, competence and professionalism in order to meet deadlines and ensure the satisfaction of our customers. Our team always acts with integrity and honesty in order to maintain the trust of our customers and partners.


Accountability is at the heart of our value system in all of our activities. Umatek employees handle and treat each situation with objectivity and vigilance in order to ensure the confidentiality and neutrality of the interventions.

Team Spirit

We promote challenges and friendly competition in concluding R&D projects as we are all passionate and avid expert in this industry. Fun is our common denominator.

The fulfillment

For us, it is essential that each individual in our organization is fulfilled in their work. At Umatek, everyone's talent is put to good use. The involvement of staff in participating in the success of the business is essential. Self-realization, personal development and the valorisation of the role of each individual arise from this perspective of accomplishment.

Partnership with customers and suppliers

We work every day to put into practice/to achieve our wishes, that means, to offer you the most optimal customer-supplier partnership and customer experience.

For this, we attach a great importance to the selection of our suppliers. Having products to offer you, yes, but not only. We prioritize also and above all, the quality.

Currently, our large inventory makes possible a fast and efficient delivery and service, responding to your sense of urgency when you order an article.

Furthermore, the customer experience for us isn't just about the experience of buying a product. It goes further than that for us. We go further for you. The competence of our employees allows us to offer you the best advice and the best quality in the industry.

The passion for the Powersport

With us, our employees understand you, because just like you, they own a snowmobile, a motocross, an ATV, a boat or sometimes, even all these options! This is why they are proactive, and why they will answer to your needs by ensuring you the best product offer for the use of your vehicle.

The expertise and assurance of a well-done job

We care a lot about the quality of our products and we want to prove it to you through our quality process. We have competent employees with real expertise whose job is to ensure a consistency quality.




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