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Our activity sector:

Our company is internationally known as a specialized engine remanufacturer. Umatek design, test and distribute engines and all related parts within the powersports market.

With more than 55 years of experience in engine remanufacturing, the Umatek team of skilled and dedicated members is able to offer a quick turnaround time, a quality product, and professional services, such as:

  • Complete refurbished engine
  • Recoating cylinder with Nikasil
  • Resleeving and boring of cylinders
  • Reconditioning of crankshafts
  • Crankshaft and camshaft journal line boring
  • Cylinder head milling, repairs, welding
  • CVT clutch distribution
  • Electronic balancing of clutches
  • Distribution of engine parts
  • Specialized vintage and R&D project


Expertise sectors of Umatek :

We remanufacture gas and diesel, 2 and 4 stroke engines for the following vehicle types :

  • Snowmobiles
  • Motocross
  • Motorcycles
  • Personal Watercraft
  • Outboard marine engine
  • "Inboard" marine engine
  • Mini baja
  • Commercial diesel
  • And many others!


Umatek’s strengths :

  • Improve customer satisfaction through effective system application, including system improvement processes and ensuring compliance with requirements of the customers, legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Analyze risks in order to control and or eliminate them for improve quality.
  • Get out of our comfort zone in order to be in perpetual research for our production optimization.


The reliability of our engines

All our parts go through a rigorous quality process. They are manually inspected before they are sent to you in order to meet your highest requirements. We guarantee you a quality equal or superior to OEM specifications and we enforce this policy with the best warranty in the industry. You can trust us and trust our products that we will always goes the extra mile to satisfy customers.

The largest inventory of the country

We have the largest inventory of remanufactured parts, ready to be shipped anywhere in the world. Furthermore, our exchange system ensures you a reasonable time to receive your part.

Large customer network

Thousands of clients around the world trust us to repair their engine because it is easy to do business with us. Our expertise, our knowledge and skills acquired over the last 55 years, assure you a well-done job. Our advisers are passionate and will know precisely how to guide you and recommend you our products according to your needs.

Quick and efficient service

We are committed to provide to our customers a fast and efficient service that respect the specific time frames. We ship your remanufactured part on the same day when it is in stock and or available for exchange when we receive your core.

Transportation with, UPS, Dicom, FedEx, Purolator, Bourret transport and Canada post.


Nika-Tech Plating :

What is plating a cylinder with Nikasil?

Nikasil is the ultimate plating process by increasing the durability of your engine.

Umatek was the very first Canadian company to use this process.

We start by documenting, stamping, cleaning, removing parts (brass fitting, dowel pins, studs) and then the old coating. After that, the cold electrical process replates the cylinder with Nikasil. Cylinders or engines block goes through twenty stages in this whole process. Including if necessary, welding, decking, porting, and machining.

Advantages of our Nika-Tech coating

  • Unbeatable and exceptional heat transfer and heat resistance
  • Excellent resistance to wear and abrasion
  • Undisturbed by Friction (no scratching and flaking)
  • Exceeds OEM specifications
  • Unparalleled Hardness
  • Competitive price


We offer professional cylinder repair (welding and porting work), cleaning and Nika-Tech™ plating for all models :

•    Snowmobiles

•    Dirt Bikes

•    Motorcycles

•    ATVs

•    Water Crafts

•    Go Karts

•    Cars

•    Other 2 and 4 stroke engines


Our Nikasil recoating is much cheaper than a new cylinder and guarantees you an equal quality or better than OEM part.



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